Monday, December 29, 2008

Do You Think Jonathan Liked His Christmas Present!!

Jonathan opening his Christmas present from Ray and I!! Don't forget to shut off the music at the bottom!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making Cookies with Phyliss

One of our favorite ladies from church invited us to make cookies with her!! The boys had so much fun and got to take a HUGE plate of cookies home with them!! Needless to say in our house treats do not last to long and they were gone within a day or two. I think Ray and I each got to try one of the cookies!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Follow that Star

I am one of those people that consistently forgets things. I often lay my keys on something only to forget ten minutes later where I’ve laid them. Other times I will check several times before leaving the house to see if I’ve shut everything off and locked all the doors. I often forget meetings, conversations with my sweet hubby, or why I ran all the way to Walmart to get those absolutely necessary items. Sometimes I wonder if my brain cells are leaving with each child I give birth to!!

I’m one of those women who desperately needs to live by calendars and planner books. I love my housecleaning checklist (when I actually use it!!). It keeps me on task; and helps me not to forget any of the small tasks like washing down baseboards or dusting windowsills. I’m also a big proponent of maps, charts, graphs, and notes. I’m so set on having a map whenever I travel to a new place that I will go on one of those map websites that give you all the directions to get from point A to point B. I just love them. I can never figure out why some men just refuse to use a map. If you’ve ever driven through Chicago or Dallas during rush hour, you would know why I’m so set on knowing exactly how many miles I need to get to the next exit and what lane I need to be in and what the names of each highway I’m going on. I think it would be so cool to have one of those On Star systems on your vehicle!!

I’m so insistent about following directions that when I purchase one of those multi-piece hot wheel sets or boxed furniture, that I put them together step by step. Have you ever tried to put something like that together with out directions without missing a step and having to back up and then start all over again? Not to many of us have!! Do you ever get lost in life and wonder how to better yourself or how to deal with the frustrations and trials that you go through. I know that sometimes I just want to curl up in a blanket and stay there all day and just hide from the world and all the hurts that I’m experiencing. Do you ever wonder how to deal with situations with your neighbors or friends? Do you ever wonder how to handle that problem with that person in your church congregation? Do you ever wonder how to explain to a non-believer how the world came to be? Have you ever wondered how big the ark was or how Esther saved her people? Have you ever wanted any ideas for writing that special love note to your husband?

The Bible can answer all of these questions and much more. I have learned that I can lean on the Bible for answers to how to deal with the trials of life. The Bible comforts me and challenges me to be a better person. I challenge you as the new year begins to read your Bible more and see for yourself what a difference it can make in your life and relationships with others. When Jesus was born the shepherds and wise men followed a star in the sky to get to the newborn King. The Bible is your “Star” that will lead you in life. Follow that star and see where it takes you, see what you learn and see who you become!! Merry Christmas!! May God Bless You and Your Family!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around.....

So I think just about everyone in our church and group of friends has had the dreaded flu bug this year. I was thinking it would pass up our family, we homeschool and are not around sick people right? Well it just so happened that this week we caught on to the "getting sick" trend that has blanketed our church. My kiddos came home from staying at Grandma's over the weekend, and that night Josiah got sick (just once) in the middle of the night. So I go and clean up that mess and sanitize myself...Lysol everything that Josiah and I touched and then washed up and went back to bed. Next morning Josiah is ready to go and climb mountains, but Brandon gets very sick and is sick until the next day. Pour guy couldn't even keep down water. He gets better and I think has passed. We go to our friends the next day and bake cookies...everyone healthy and happy. Ray gets called out on a train and I clean up around the house a bit and then settle down on the couch upstairs. All of the sudden I start feeling sick and came down with probably one of the worst flu bugs I have ever had in my life. I won't go into details but I was so sick that when Jonathan (yes...he decided to get sick too in the middle of the night...started getting the urpy cough) needed me in the middle of the night, I almost passed out getting to him. I call Ray and leave a message for him to lift us up in prayer and to call me when he woke up. Ray calls this morning and I find out that he too was sick last night with the same exact flu bug that Jonathan and I had!! The worst thing is that Jonathan has one of the leads in the church play and I can't take him tonight for dress rehearsal because he's still not 100%. The director said we could run him through his positions and lines tomorrow so I'm not worried, but I just feel so bad because I honestly thought we had missed the "sick" train this time!! I'm still just weaker than can be, but I'm trying to get all the linens washed and everything sanitized down. I'm not a proponent of the flu shot either, because every time I have gotten one, I always get the flu so I just think it is one of those things in life that you just deal with. As a mom though it seems worse because you are the one generally that gets to clean up after a sick loved one and it is worse when you get sick at the same time as one of your kiddos as you do not get to comfort them the same as you do when you are in healthy nurse momma mode!! The one thing I'm certain of is that God heals and restores. I know that in a day or two when everyone is feeling better, we will look back at the humor of this situation and wait for next years visit!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happiness Is..........

Amazing Grandparents and Awesome Neighbors!!! My husband had a brilliant idea to ask my parents if they would watch the boys Friday night...instead, My mom and dad took the boys for the weekend!!! Ray and I went out on a date and got our Christmas shopping for the boys done Friday night. Saturday we just lounged around the house until he was called into work and then I went to a ladies' Christmas Party with my neighbor, something I wouldn't have been able to do had my parents not had the boys for the weekend.

It was so weird being in the house Saturday afternoon and night as the house was sooooo quiet something I'm totally not used to. I had an opportunity to watch television and just have some "me" time!! My neighbor invited me to go with her to a Christmas party!! It was so fun doing something with all females for a change!! Our neighbors are such a blessing to our family!!

I missed the boys and the hubby to though, and apparently Sophia did too as she wanted to keep pulling the novelty fur balls out of my craft tote to me to play. She wandered around the house all day meowing and when I asked her if she was looking for and missing her boys she said a very loud "MEEEEOOOOW!" I took that as a definite YES!! Little miss prissy also has issues with the cat food we bought her this week so she was also mad that I wouldn't get into the cupboard with the leftover "favorite" food and get her some!! I was going to drive to my hometown to pick up the boys after church, but woke up to snow!! Not sure of what was going to come with the afternoon weather, I ended up staying home waiting for the weather to clear so I could drive the 50 some miles to get the boys. The weather broke enough to drive so I packed up blankets and extra winter gear...hats, gloves, snow pants(I know I always over pack!! lol!!) in the back of the Escape and took off. I had to get gas and because we have a garage, I wasn't quite aware of the nice little wind chill we have here!! Holy cow, I knew it was cold from the weather report, but I thought my hands were going to turn into ice cubes not even covering Ray's heavy sweater over my hands could block the piercing cold wind from getting to my hands!! The good news is for the first time in years....I filled up a vehicle for less than $20!! Ray usually gases up all the vehicles so I wasn't aware of how much it would cost to fill it up!! That totally made my day...I even was able to get a Pumpkin Spice coffee to warm me up too!!! So off to pick up the kiddos with slowly thawing hands and coffee in hand...I headed towards my parents house only having to fight a couple of ice patches, strong winds and blowing snow on the way!! I visited with my parents for a bit, packed up the kiddos and headed back so I wouldn't have to drive at night...something I really hate!! lol!! We made it back in record time and now are just getting settled in. Once Ray gets here, I'm going to whip up some spinach dip and watch football with the guys!!! Mom and Dad if you read this....thank you again so much for taking the boys!! I really appreciate it soooo much!! The boys couldn't stop talking all the way home about how much fun they had at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!!

More Media Coverage!! Woohoo!!!

So as they come, I will just add them to this post!! ;-) This article was published in the North Platte Telegraph, Norfolk Paper, the Omaha World Herald and probably other places that I'm not aware of! ;-)

A blanket for 'Button'
Sherlyn Edwards of North Platte crochets a blanket similar to the one she designed for the upcoming movie called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Edwards, who creates custom crocheted clothing and accessories, was contacted by a Hollywood representative two years ago to make an Angora wool blanket for the movie.

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Published: Saturday, December 13, 2008 4:14 AM CST
The North Platte Telegraph

For years, Sherlyn Edwards of North Platte has been creating custom crocheted clothing and accessories that she sells all over the world through her Web-based business called "Agape Bebe."

So when she received a request to create a Victorian-style blanket out of Agora wool, she didn't think much about it at the time. What she didn't realize is that the blanket would be used in a famous Hollywood movie.

"It was such a cool thing," Edwards said. "We give credit to God for it."

She said the initial e-mail inquiry from Hope Parrish, a famous Hollywood property master, came through an old company Web site that she doesn't even promote anymore.

"Her finding me was a complete accident," Edwards said.

She later talked to Parrish by phone. That's when Edwards learned that the blanket she was being asked to design would be used in the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

The movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who ages backwards. Although the movie will not be in theatres until Dec. 25, trailers of the film show an infant wrapped in the wool blanket created by Edwards.

Because the blanket is what is referred to as a hero prop, Edwards said she had to make six identical blankets in case one was damaged. The blanket is an ivory color in the movie. However, Edwards said she used a darker, oatmeal colored yarn so that filmmakers could get the color they wanted under the bright lights.

Edwards said the first blanket she made was rejected because it looked more like a rug. Edwards admits she used a fairly tight stitch on her first attempt, but she eventually found a design they liked.

"They wanted kind of a Victorian-style blanket," she said.

Edwards said she was first contacted by Parrish in August of 2006, and it took about a year for her to complete the order. She said she spent about a month on each blanket, working four to six hours a day.

The yarn used to make the blankets was Angora wool imported from Peru, South America. Edwards said she received the wool in batts that had to be rolled into balls before she could start crocheting.

"It would take 10 hours just rolling this stuff into balls," Edwards said.

After finishing the blankets, Edwards was asked to create some starter projects, or partially finished pieces that could be used by characters in the movie to look like they are crocheting.

Edwards said she is really looking forward to seeing the movie. Unfortunately, she won't be listed in the ending credits of the film, but she is still excited about seeing her finished product on the big screen.

Although it's been over a year since she finished her initial order, Edwards said she hasn't gotten any more calls from Hollywood. But when she does, she is ready to go.

"They were absolutely the most fabulous people to work with," Edwards said. "Most of my regular clients know that if I get a call from Hollywood, I'm gone for several months doing what they need me to do."

Edwards, who is a mother of three, has been crocheting ever since she was 7 years old. She learned her skills from her grandmother, and continues to crochet whenever she can.

She sells her creations through her own Web site as well as on E-Bay and other online retailers.

"I sell all over the world," Edwards said. "I have boutiques that buy my items and then they resell them."

While the exposure hasn't created a noticeable spike in sales, Edwards said she is seeing a lot more hits on her Web site. However, she acknowledged that she is not really doing this for the fame or fortune.

"For me it's more just a legacy that I can give my kids," Edwards said. "If I never ever do this again, at least I can tell my kids that Mommy got to crochet a blanket for a movie."

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was on TV Last Night!!

Yesterday I was interviewed by our Local Station!! It was so much fun and I was impressed by the professionalism of Kendra and the other staff members of KNOPTV!

See The News Story & Video Here!!
UPDATE:The video is now off the KNOPTV Website...hopefully I will eventually have a copy of it that I can upload here!! Hugs!! - Sheri

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Life of a Railroad Wife!!

I've been asked so many times how Ray and I make our marriage work since he works for the railroad. It's quite amazing how if you have a solid marriage and great communication that you can actually thrive in a railroad marriage.

When Ray first was hired on the railroad it was tough at first because we didn't get paid for a whole month, but we planned well and actually were able to completely meet all needs and more during that month. Then he started training and that was really easy because he was just in a classroom and was home EVERY night which was awesome! Well then he had to do on the job training and there are three different shifts. The day one wasn't so bad and neither was the evening one...but that graveyard shift was sooooo difficult to adjust to. When Ray worked in the yard after training, he didn't have a regular schedule, but he was home at least every day for part of the time. This gave the boys time to adjust to Daddy working different times and sometimes having to sleep when they were up during the day. Now we homeschool all three boys so that sometimes makes it even harder to keep a house quiet during the day, but we have done it and I'm amazed how we have adjusted. Well now here's the kicker.....he eventually moves to Conducting and now Engineering on train trips and is out 1-2 days from our family. He still goes to work at all times of the night and day.

What changes is when he's home, we make a special effort to spend quality family time together. Ray and I try to read the Bible and pray together whenever possible so that we can strengthen our relationship with God as well as spending personal time together. Now I know that many railroad wives do not do this, but I get up with Ray even when he's going out at 3:00 a.m. and make sure he has a lunch, coffee, and whatever he needs before he takes off. I like to also send him off with a hug, I love you and a kiss goodbye. It's something that I've done ever since he has started and something I hope to continue as long as he's employed by the railroad. To me this is especially important since we cannot really talk together for up to 12 hours after he leaves the house since he can't use a cell phone on the train.

The boys also have learned to be flexible about where we do schoolwork. In the winter we go upstairs and lounge in the living room and do school and try to stay upstairs and keep quiet so Ray can sleep. In the spring and fall, we get to do class outside and for those of you who have can imagine how much they enjoy being able to go outside to school!! One of the things that also makes our marriage work is that I continually remind the boys of the sacrifice that Ray is making for our family. I let them know over and over that he has to work all kinds of hours and be gone because he loves us so much and wants to provide for us. It's so important that you speak positively of your children's father when you are married, especially when you have a husband that works long hours like my husband does. The Bible tells how to be a good wife in Proverbs 31, a passage that I read over and over and have continually worked to strive for in our marriage. I believe that speaking highly of your husband, not only brings honor to him but to you and your children. It also helps the children to have a strong relationship with their father. The older boys get it and when Ray is home they have learned to capitalized on daddy and them time because they know that it won't be long before he's out again. Josiah on the other hand gets "daddy" homesick and doesn't quite understand why daddy has to go to work all the time. However, even as I type this, he too has learned to take advantage of Daddy time and is on a special trip to the park with Ray to feed the deer and ducks!!

Ray and I also take special "us" time whenever we can. Now it is a little difficult to sometimes have actual dates, but we make sure to spend quality time with just the two of us, even if it's playing an internet game together while sitting by each other on different computers or just talking together one on one about what is going on in our lives, etc. Ray is by far my best friend and I think that because of that we will continue to grow closer and closer together as the years go by. The one thing that also brings us together and keeps our family so well grounded is our deep relationship with God. Prayer together and when we are apart has strengthened us as a couple and as individuals!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days Until the Movie Comes Out!!

Okay now I'm really getting excited for the movie to come out!!! Hopefully Ray will not be on a train so we can take the boys to see the movie we have been waiting TWO years to see!!! I can't wait to see the props I designed actually on the big screen!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!!!

8 TV shows I watch:
1 Cold Case
2 CSI Miami
3 The Unit
4 Real Housewives of Orange County
5 The Hills
6 Project Runway
7 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the Team 3
8 Jon & Kate Plus 8

8 favorite restaurants:
1 Applebees
2 San Pedro (New Mexican Restaurant in town)
3 Mongolian Grill
4 The Canteen Grill
5 Whiskey Creek
6 Kobe Japanese Restaurant in Omaha
7 Lazy Flamingo in Bokeelia Florida (gorgeous and loved the Pier!)
8 Bert's Bar & Grill in Matalcha, Fl (this is where you get to watch dolphins swim right by the restaurant!!! so cool we got to see a momma and her baby!!! Brandon saw a Manatee in the water!!

8 things that happened today:
1 Got to sleep in!! Woohoo!!
2 Worked on My Graphics Store
3 Photographed New Items for Websites
4 Added two items to my Etsy Store
5 Added items to my Website Store
6 Fixed Homemade Chicken Fried Steaks & the fixings for family
7 Worked on some new designs
8 Worked on this Tag List!!

8 things I look forward to:
1 Christmas With My Family
2 Church Tomorrow!
3 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button coming out December 25th!
4 Someday taking a mission trip to Mexico
5 Retirement with my hubby
6 Grandbabies (way, way in the future!! lol)
7 Snow (yes I wish it would snow)
8 Spring (but not too much winter...just enough to take boys sledding)

8 things on my wish list:
1 Pay off my student loans
2 Getting the house organized
3 Going to Australia
4 Visiting Europe...especially Germany and Sweden where most of my ancestors came from!
5 Getting debt free
6 Taking the boys to Florida again....this time to Disney World
7 Raising three Christian boys that will become good husbands and fathers
8 Writing Christian Music or a book that I can get published

8 people I tag today:
1 Ronna
2 Sky
3 Nette
4 Francoise
5 Melissa
6 Janna
7 Christina
8 Marvin B.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

I have so much to be thankful for in my life. I have a wonderful husband that is always there for me. He’s my best friend and is such a good listener. He often cooks meals for me or helps me out around the house and with the boys. He’s faithful to God and leads his family according to the principals of the Bible. For that I’m so thankful. I have three wonderful sons that bring joy to my life and challenge me to be a better parent and a better person. I love the way that children look at life differently. Everything seems to be new or exciting. My sons can make a bug on the wall more entertaining than an entire shelf of children’s movies or room full of toys. They have also taught me about forgiveness and patience. How often children will do something wrong and tell you I’m sorry mommy I won’t do it again only to once again repeat the same infraction three times in the same day! I’m glad that we have a father in heaven that is that forgiving and patient with us!! No matter how many times we mess up and say I’m sorry God, I won’t do that again…. only to repeat the same sin, he still will forgive us. I’m so thankful for my relationship with Christ. I can’t tell you how many of my prayers have been answered. One time we prayed for help with groceries and never told anyone that we had a need, we were so blessed when three huge boxes were brought to the house by two friends from church. Another time we needed $500 and so we prayed only to have a $500 bonus check arrive in the mail the very next day. I’ve seen so much in my walk with the Lord. I’ve seen healings. I’ve been present when two of my boys gave their heart to the Lord. I’m so thankful to have a God that provides for my needs and those of his children. I’m thankful for a God that loves me more than any husband, children or friends. I'm thankful for my parents who no matter what I did as a child or adult showed me unconditional love. It was because of their guidance and love that I remained pure all the way through highschool. I'm thankful for our church and all the friends we have made there. I'm especially greatful for my fellow worship team members who have become like family to me. Finally, I’m thankful for my female friends. My sisters in Christ that are there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to share my joys with. I’m thankful that I have friends that I can call and ask for prayers or guidance. I just feel so blessed and thankful for everything I have and hope that you too will be blessed this Thanksgiving!!

Copyright Sherlyn Edwards 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey Becky!!!
Look What the Edwards Boys Can Do!!!

I've told the story about Jonathan surfing down the stairs on the crib mattress before, but I thought the days of stair sledding and surfing had ended when I threw out the mattress. Well after reading my friend Becky's blog, I was telling my husband about how Becky's three boys had used a clothes basket to go down the stairs!! Well my husband being the wonderful athlete and child at heart that he is, decided that our boys needed to try that trick too. Well the boys were not too keen on the clothes basket, and instead opted to take the tote lids from their toy boxes and turn them into sleds. The video above is Josiah who was thrilled that Daddy was letting them do something adventurous and Mommy was not freaking out!!! I have to admit, it was very, very, funny!!!!

Picture Perfect Monday!!!

My sweet boys!! (Done in Sepia Tint)
This is what they usually are doing!!! lol

The other sensible female in the house!! lol ;-)

I was just goofing off yesterday with the camera and decided to take some pictures of the kiddos and the cat!! I even was having a good hair day so took some self portraits as well!!!

Project Emily

I've been asked by so many of my clients and friends where the new designs are. For those of you who know about her, I'm designing for Emily!! Several years ago I started crochet baby booties with thread. I received an e-mail asking me if I could make them bigger. I was already making the car and tractor booties in several different sizes so I told her I would give it a go. These booties were for her little girl that was in a wheelchair and wore braces on her hands and feet. Rachel later asked me if I would try to make hand covers. She described what she wanted along with sending all kinds of drawings, measurements, etc. and I finally after several days figured it out how to make them in the size that we needed. Well this precious little girl has grown up quite a bit and I'm making her several pairs of these sets to go with her new wardrobe. While this is a very huge task that I've taken on (it takes me about 20 hours per set), it by far is the most honorable job I've ever been hired to do. This mom loves this girl so much and spends hours making special clothing for her. This is the most loved little girl that I've ever seen.

I asked her mom Rachel to share her story with us:" Emily's birth mother became pregnant with her after an affair. When she was 39 weeks along a car hit her and Emily took most of the damage to her head. Then she refused medical care and walked home. Emily was not getting oxygen to the brain (off and on) for three full days. When the birth mother did go to the hospital (three days later) they did a C-section. Emily took one breath of air and passed away. It only took the doctors 3 minutes to get her back, but soon after she began to have seizures. They did a MRI and found that Emily had 19 brain bleeds and that 75% of her brain was dead. The birth mother never saw her and did not name her so the state named her. Emily was a voluntary give up, so when she was released from the hospital 7 weeks later she went into foster care. Her foster mom called me and asked me to come out and see this beautiful baby girl. The moment I saw her I just loved her so much. I had to learn how to use the machines and all of the medical equipment, but now it is second nature.""When Emily was 1 year of age we had a complete MRI of the brain and learned that the damage from the care and the horrible seizures had completely destroyed all of her lager brain matter. They told me that she would not make it to a year of age, but she is now almost 6 years old. I do see her body having sings of stress, but she is still holding on. I explain to people that she is just like a newborn baby in all ways but size. Our family was blessed to receive Emily into our home about the time she was 3 months old. The adoption was finally when she was 2 years old, she is now Emily Marie Schubert (My Angel)." I am so thankful to Rachel for allowing me to do this very special thing for her little girl.

Thank you to all of my clients and friends for being patient with me. I promise as soon as I'm done I will be back to designing again!! You would not believe the drawings I've made and want to finally get made! Here are some more photos of Emily! God Bless You Baby Girl!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Flashback and a S.H.M.I.L.Y. to my husband!!

So I was searching around for videos from my high school days and found one of my all time favorites. I remember when this video came out and being a young girl hoping someday I would find the love of my life. I have found him and it's the most amazing love I could ever imagine. Move forward to a few years ago when we attended a Bible study with some friends of ours about Marriage and Family. The couple leading the group told us about a romantic game that they played together called S.H.M.I.L.Y. (See How Much I Love You). So this is how the game is played. You leave a note or something for your spouse somewhere and then have the letters "S.H.M.I.L.Y." on it. The more creative the better. I have put notes on the mirror in lipstick as well as love notes in his train lunch box. Once you get one, the recipient has to figure out a way to give you the S.H.M.I.L.Y. back!! My favorite was the roses one!! Ray this is my S.H.M.I.L.Y. to you baby!! I'm sorry we haven't done this in awhile with all the distractions but wanted to dedicate this song to you and let you know how much I love you. I adore our friendship more than words can say!! (I hope you read this!! lol) ....So to my readers out there I challenge you to S.H.M.I.L.Y. your spouse this week and then post back here and tell me your G-Rated S.H.M.I.L.Y. stories!!! Have fun loving your spouse this week!! Remember, Marriage may be work sometimes...but it is also supposed to be fun!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Can't Hear You!!!

It starts as a soft call to your children at the bottom of the stairs to come and get their reply comes from above. You raise your voice just slightly higher and try again....still no reply comes from above. You raise your voice to the highest decibel possible and all of the sudden three little bodies come down the stairs and in unison say "Sorry Mom we couldn't hear you." Now on the other hand you call to your children in that same soft voice that they can have pizza for breakfast and all three little bodies come traipsing down the stairs in record speed. Likewise if my husband calls to the boys in his normal daddy voice they come barreling in the room as well. My mom would probably agree that I had this same wonderful sense of hearing as a young child and especially as a teenager. She would agree that I was able to tune out what I didn't want to hear, especially if I was in trouble or was being asked to do more chores. I imagine all moms at one time or another go through this wonderful phase where their children "can't hear" them with their amazing sense of selective hearing. Oh I love when you tell all three of them to not take any snacks from the refrigerator because we have a huge dinner planned and all THREE of them some how mosey to the door and get caught sneaking a snack. I remind them that there were no snacks before dinner and amazingly all THREE of them state "Oh, sorry mom, I didn't hear you!" In college we studied this amazing phenomenon and the thing is...we hear just about everything that creates an audible sound....the problem is...most of the time we do not actually LISTEN." Hearing is just the mere physical aspect of the sound being processed by the ear, while listening is actively engaging the brain in the reception of the message and processing that information for a response either in verbiage or in action. I have to admit that sometimes I tend to be a poor listener as well. My brain flies at about a million miles a minute...constantly thinking about future projects, designs and what I will be doing in five minutes. I have to actively shut down all the "extra" stuff so that I can actively engage in a conversation without getting distracted. I think most women probably agree that we will listen for noises from our children while talking to our husbands or will be planning dinner when on the phone with a friend because that's how God made us. I find that even in my prayer and Bible reading time that I have to actively focus on the Word and Him so that my mind doesn't wander into the ponderings of womanhood!! I found it easiest when I journal my prayers and thoughts because then I can categorize them and focus on what God's message is for me. I have to be quiet, sit still and focus to hear from God too because he's always trying to talk to me too. Like I constantly tell my kiddos "Listen to me I'm trying to tell you something". I can imagine that God is up there in heaven saying the same thing to me!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Taking the B&W Challenge - Part 1

I saw this awesome challenge on my friend's blog and decided to take the plunge as well. Springtreeroad is challenging new and seasoned photographers to photograph in black and white this month!! I decided to try a few shots yesterday and ended up taking over 20!! These were taken in our indoor garden. I'm hoping that since it snowed last night that I can get out and take some more pictures!! Click on the image below to find out more about this amazing challenge!!

Tribute to the three Veterans in my life!!!

The first veteran I give tribute to his my husband Raymond J. Edwards, Jr. who served our country during Desert Storm. He is an amazing husband and father and I'm forever proud to have him in my life. I praise God every day for bringing this wonderful man in my life.

The second veteran I pay tribute to is my Grandpa, Clark Henry Schroder. He served our country during World War II. Many of his friends were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. My grandfather was an amazing Christian man and although he is no longer with us, I know that someday I get to hang out with him in heaven.

The third veteran I pay tribute to is my brother Michael V. Schroder. Mike has served our country in two terms over in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is very proud to serve our country and I'm proud to call him my brother.

I could go on and on about these three wonderful men who have dedicated their service to our country and their families. God bless all those who have served or are serving our country. We need to thank them every day for fighting for the freedom that we sometimes take for granted.

Our Corn Harvest!!!

All summer long we have waited for the price of corn to drop so that we could stock up on corn for the corn stove. It finally did so Ray and or neighbor trecked down to the coop and purchased a truck load of corn. The boys have an absolute blast "unloading" the truck and putting the corn into the storage containers. It snowed last night and boy did that warm cornstove come in handy!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's the End of Me
My Heart Belongs to Him

As a child my mom and dad brought to me to believe that if I worked hard enough I could achieve my dreams. I set off for college believing I could conquer the world and that those dreams would eventually come true. I lived for the moment in college turning against the God who loved me more than anyone. I decided that it was all about me and all about what I wanted in life. When you are young it's so easy to judge all those around you and point out their every flaw. I don't know how many times as a young woman I thought I had all the answers to life and that those that didn't agree with me were beneath me. I kept my purity all through highschool and didn't hesitate to judge those girls that didn't do likewise. After I messed up the first time in college, I thought there was no more turning back to the purity and truth that I once lived. I spent five years doing what I wanted in life. Life was about me and what I wanted, I didn't care that the path that I was taking would be something that those who hate me would use against me for the rest of my life. As I sat on the floor a few months before graduation filling out my LSAT application, I believed that I was one step closer to being the person I always dreamed of being. Law school was my dream and I spent all of my free time studying and making future plans for my life. God had a different plan for my sin caught up to me I learned that I was expecting a child and I wasn't married yet. I fell to my knees and cried for days believing that my dreams were over that my plans were through. I didn't realize that the new path that I would be taking would be far more rewarding and far more fulfilling than the dream of being an attorney.

When I was nine months pregnant, I went to a contemporary service at my parents' church and after the message, I almost ran to the altar to fall before God's feet to ask him to take control of my life again and help me to make the right choices in my life. On January 6, 1996, I became a mother for the first time. I held a precious gift from God and was given another chance to become the woman that God wanted me to be. From that moment on I have embarked on a journey with God. Trying to do what is right but sometimes still making choices that aren't the best for myself or those around me. I'm a work in progress, an unfinished piece of pottery. I've been tested in the fire and have failed time and time again.

I'm the kind of person that always wants to fight for what is right and what is true I always want to defend the honor of those whom I love. I'm the kind of person that wants peace and wants to be thought well of. I have this stupid idealistic dream of everyone getting along in this world without fighting and hurting each other. Unfortunately, the reality is there are those that want to persecute me at all cost even to death. There are those have chosen me as the target of their anger and bitterness. There are many that do not even really know me or know the person that I am. They do not know how many times I have cried myself to sleep on a pillow. God knows my heart, he knows who I am he hears my cries and knows my struggles. God forgives! God loves! God heals! It's not about me or trying to please everyone around me. It's not even about what I want anymore, It's about HIM and what his ultimate plans are for me!! I believe that the hurt that I feel is not only a product of my sin and choices but an opportunity for God to continue to make me a better person.

David who also fell so many times into sin once said, "Lord, how they increased who trouble me! Many are those that rise up against me. Many are they who say of me, 'There is no help from him in God.' But You, O Lord are a shield for me. My glory and the One who lifts up my head. I cried to the Lord with my voice, And He heard me from His holy hill. I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustained me. I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people. Who have set themselves about me all around. Arise, O Lord; Save me, O my God! For You have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone; You have broken the teeth of the ungodly. Salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing is upon Your people." - Psalm 3

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Video That Always Makes Me Cry!!

The amazing story of these parents and how they documented the life of their little boy always brings tears to my eyes. Every time I see this I praise God for my three healthy boys!

Ask Not What God Can Do for You But What You Can Do For God!!!

Today Ray and I watched Amazing Grace the story of William Wilberforce. I have wanted to watch this movie since it game out in the theaters and then again on DVD, but just never have had the time to get the video or actually sit down and watch it. I have to say I was quite moved by Wilberforce's story and how he used his new found love in Christ to achieve extraordinary accomplishments within the British Parliament and his country. I believe like Wilberforce, that we can achieve great things through Christ who strengthens us. The story also briefly touches the life of Rev. John Newton who was a sea captain and slave trader and later became an Anglican priest. Rev. Newton is the writer of the hymn that has been heard throughout the world "Amazing Grace". Wilberforce, Rev. Newton and many other great men were instrumental in the cause for the abolition of the slave trade in England. The hymn "Amazing Grace" known by so many of us clearly speaks out God's love for us and despite our shortcomings and sins, His forgiveness is unending and His grace so completely amazing. I've done so many things throughout my life that I'm not very proud of, but I know because I have given these things to the one that gave His only son for me that my chains are gone and I am completely set free from them. God forgives and gives ALL grace when they confess their sins, accept Him and give their hearts and lives to Him. We all fall short of perfection in God's eyes but it is because of His son's death on the cross that we can someday meet at His feet and fellowship with Him. God also has amazing earthly plans for us as well. He wants to use our talents, our gifts and our willingness to serve Him to achieve great things for our world and it's people. Like William Wilberforce and so many who have listened to God's calling we can achieve great things!! If you notice in the video there are wood burnings in the piano that also give each one of us a message of God's love and purpose for our lives. Have an amazing Saturday and a blessed Sunday! - Sheri

Friday, November 7, 2008

Agape Bebe Crochet Tractor Booties

These are my best all time sellers! I make them an any color combination you want including that green one. I have also made them in pink for the girl tractor fans!! They are made in sizes 0/6 Months all the way up to Size 10 Toddler Shoe!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let it snow!! Let it snow!!!

It's supposed to snow tonight and my boys are absolutely on cloud 9!! In March last year we had a huge snow storm and the boys had a blast making a snowman and snow forts. Jonathan was busy playing with his new camera that he got for his birthday!! Looks like he had some chocolate before he went outside too!! lol!!!

Jonathan Playing Soccer!!

Our blonde haired blue eyed boy wonder played soccer for the first year!! He had so much fun and made so many new friends.

Brandon's Tackle!!

We were so incredibly proud of Brandon this year in football. Each year Brandon continues to improve. This is just one of his many tackles! I didn't do as well as I did last year trying to catch all his plays! As you can imagine the buttons on his dad's shirt were bursting open!!


Our second ceremony was on August 19th, 2000. Since we were already married, this was more of a celebration for our friends and family. I was kind of bummed that day because it poured rain. The actual wedding was supposed to be outside in this park with greek columns and a lake. It would have been absolutely awesome, but with the help of some really dear friends from work and my family, we were able to turn the reception hall into a mock wedding site!! I'm still thankful to my mom and grandma for all the work they did on the decorations!! I think they must have spent hours doing them!! I have a bazillion pictures of this wedding which most of you have already seen!! And yes....Jonathan was there too, as happens with mostly newlyweds, we were pregnant before the second ceremony! I'm so glad I didn't take the dress in to get it altered! lol!!


Many of our friends and family already knew this, but I loved Ray so much I had to marry him twice!! Our first official ceremony was May 26th, 2000!! In all seriousness, we had planned on waiting until August, but for spiritual as well as legal reasons, we decided to go ahead and get married secretly with our friends and a beloved and friend Pastor Richard Jacobson!! I finally was able to find the pictures I had scanned several months ago and have started getting them all cut, pasted and digitalized so I can share them with my family and friends!! Our computer did a freak out a few months ago and we almost lost everything!! Thank goodness I back everything up on CDs!! lol!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As it gets closer and closer to Christmas Day, I am eagerly awaiting The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to come out. For those of you that do not know, in 2006 I was hired to make prop afghans and then later other crochet props for the Brad Pitt movie that will be coming out on Christmas Day this year. The blanket I made can be seen right at the beginning of the movie when the baby is laid down on the stairs and then in front of the doctors. I have yet to see the other props that I made for the movie. I made two starter scarf projects, some afghan squares and some crochet washclothes as well. The website for the movie is here!!
Benjamin Button Movie Website

You Can't Handle the Truth!!


Funny thing for me is that it wasn't just that I had a bad day on Monday! It was the entire weekend!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Was Dunked for Jesus Today!!

For most of you that know me, I have been contemplating doing this for some time. I was baptized as a baby in Lutheran Church and then later as an adult at a Lutheran Church on UNK's Campus. I felt that because I had already been baptized before that I didn't need to experience this kind of baptism. My husband kept encouraging me to get immersion baptized and I began to have a desire to experience what many had told me was the most amazing experience ever! I was filled with the Holy Spirit right after we started dating and we had attended several churches, but none really felt like family. The church that we are attending now embraced us immediately and we both are very active in the church. I finally felt that it was time to publicly let everyone know how serious I was about my walk with the Lord!! So I DID IT!! Everything had to fall into place and because I am on worship team they scheduled it for the first thing during service! Immediately after I was baptized, I had to run downstairs, dry off, change, get my microphone on. I then was able to play the wet, no makeup, but totally on fire for Jesus!! For those of you who know me, I do not like to go to church without makeup!! ....I did manage to get some makeup on in the car before we went out to eat though!! lol ;-) I'm thankful for the great life I have had and for my family. I'm especially thankful to my husband Ray who encouraged me with love and prayer to have the courage to get baptized like Jesus did!! I'm praying that God will renew me and restore me back to the fire that I had when I first was baptized with the Holy Spirit!! I am so loving all that he is doing in me with in my life!! I am doing things with my musical talents that I never thought possible. I also am enjoying teaching my boys about God's love and being able to watch them get excited about stories in the Bible and memorizing God's word!! :-) God totally rocks man!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Dryer!

This story was written in September of 2005. So many blessings have happened to Ray and I since then...but I wanted to put this on my blog for those of you who might be going through something frustrating in your life right now.

I have to tell you all about my dryer. It’s top of the line. It can dry three loads of laundry at once. It’s also a high efficiency model and takes very little energy to operate. If I told you that it was solar powered and works without electricity or gas too, would you believe me!! Plus this dryer refuses to work during rain, which means I do not have to do laundry on rainy days!! Sound too good to be true, well it is…it’s my clothesline.

For two summers in a row because of mechanical things beyond our control we have gone without a dryer. Last year were able to get a used dryer right before the first snow so I didn’t ever have to go to the laundry mat. This year it broke down in July and my sweet hubby bought me a brand new one in August!!

The clothesline actually works pretty well because we do not get much rain in Chadron. In fact we can go several weeks without a drop of moisture. I remember all summer before the dryer broke down complaining that it wasn’t raining. It was really nice when the dryer did break down because I could get my two loads of laundry a day goal accomplished. The funny thing is that when it rained for two days after a huge, huge dry spell, I was complaining that it was raining because I couldn’t do any laundry!!

Isn’t it funny that we often seem to never be fully content with our present situation. I try so hard to be content with my home because I know that there are people in this world that would give anything to have a roof over their head. Even though our home is a small two bedroom and we are a family of five, I try to constantly look at the things I love about this house and to be thankful to God for it. I look at the woodwork and the high ceilings and think wow, what a great house. Then I walk into the kitchen and look at the old one basin sink and old floors and
think, yikes God could you at least give me a kitchen with a double sink.

Want to know something even funnier. When we lived at our landlord’s old house, while it was up for sale, I used to complain about doing dishes. I had a dishwasher and a double sink and I still wasn’t content!! Now, I have a one basin sink, no dishwasher and have to do dishes with a soap-sponge wand and a plastic tub that I fill with soapy water. I try not to complain too much to God, because I wouldn’t want to try to deal with less!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Job Description

I have to laugh every time I am filling out a form and it asks for my job title. Of course depending on my mood I often put stay-at-home mom, or prop and clothing designer. So here's my full job description. I plan, shop for and prepare meals for my family, so that would qualify me as a personal chef. I home school my three boys, teach them God's word, and teach them how to tie shoes, cook and many things that will prepare them for adulthood so that makes me a teacher. I resolve conflicts and listen to my children's frustrations with life and each other, so that would make me a family counselor. I do laundry, dishes and clean up the messes in the house from five people, so that would make me a housekeeper. I take care of bumps, scrapes, colds, and fevers so that would make me a nurse. I sing solos in church and play on the worship team, so that would make me musician. I take care of three children twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, so that would make me a nanny. I design graphics for t-shirts and websites so that makes me a graphic designer and web master. I market and plan advertising for my personal websites and for those that I have designed for others so that makes me a marketing and advertising specialist. I do all the photography of my children and my designs as well as nature and landscapes, I even do my own children's portrais, so I'm a photographer. I also have started writing on several blogs so that makes me an author. Okay so here we go, I am a clothing and prop designer, graphic designer, photographer, author, personal chef, teacher, family counselor, housekeeper, nurse, musician, marketing and advertising specialist, and nanny....okay so try fit that on a small little line...which one would you choose...maybe have to just put domestic engineer or the form makers are just going to have to provide a bigger line for mommas like me!!!! I seriously am completely thrilled to be at home with my boys and am glad that God has provided me with a husband that supports me in all that I do in prayer and in his continual affirmation of what I do around the house and for him and the boys. Every day that he is home we get to start out the morning with reading the Bible and prayer (with a cup of needed coffee of course)! I am truly blessed. As for the bazillion craft totes with supplies I may never use, the graphic cluttered computer and the million hours on the computer...sorry babe "it's work related"!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Motherhood - The Oldest and Most Wonderful Profession

It all began with a rib from Adam. Eve was created as a companion for Adam and then like most modern couples, they began having children. Thus motherhood began, along with sibling rivalry, unsolicited I love yous and all those wonderful wet kisses and dirty hand hugs!

Moms will sacrifice a lot for their children. Think of all the wonderful moms in the Bible. Moses' mom made an ultimate sacrifice to save her child’s life, she put him in a basket and sent him down the river to be raised by a total stranger. How many young or single women in today’s world hand their children over to total strangers with the hopes of giving their child a better life than they can give them. How blessed the childless mom is when she receives that ultimate gift from the birth mother. She has a chance to experience all the things that we take for granted when we are digging out of piles of laundry or wiping messy faces and runny noses.

I remember the first time I held Brandon for the first time. Tears came to my eyes as I held that little guy with the bright red fuzzy head. He was absolutely perfect in my eyes and I wanted to give him the world. I wanted him to grow up knowing how special and loved he was. I wanted him to grow up to love the Lord and to be a good husband and father. I have felt that awesome joy with my other two sons.

While there are so many special moments with each one of them I'll share one special moment.
Brandon my oldest son amazes me with the way he memorizes things. I wish I could do that! Although knowing almost every NFL player and their statistics probably isn't something that I would really want to know! I do hope I can learn how to memorize more scripture this year though! Jonathan amazes me with his heart and the way he writes songs to God. One morning I woke up and heard him laying in his bed singing a praise song in his own words to God. Josiah amazes me with his snuggles and wisdom. This is a child totally wise beyond his years. Despite the fact he keeps me on my toes, he is the first one to spend time with me or to help me out around the house. I love my children and I know that my mom who is a great mentor and friend felt the same way about my brother and I.

God gives these children to us as special gifts for us to nurture and raise them to be loving, healthy and secure adults. I've made tons of mistakes in my journey as a mom, I probably will make tons more. A house with all boys is totally an education in itself! One my boys decided that a crib mattress was the perfect "sled" for going down the staircase! I would have never thought of that! I think all moms go through a learning process, I just had to do it a little bit different than most!! What an amazing and wonderful job it is to be a mom!!

Thanks Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a mom and step-mom to these special gifts you’ve given me!!! Thanks Lord for my mom who helped me to be the mother that I am today!! Thank you God for my husband, a husband that supports me and helps me to grown into a better woman, wife and mother. Copyright Sherlyn J. Edwards 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Me! :-) A portrait of God's Healing!

For those of you who know me, it's very rare to get a photograph of me. I absolutely hate to get my photo taken. My husband took this and at the time I was wearing no makeup and just goofing around in the yard. I wasn't always camera shy. I was raised in a family where physical appearances like makeup, clothing and weight were not important. My mom taught me that the heart is what matters and not what you wear or how much money that you make. You can't take clothing or money to heaven. I grew up never worrying about weight or how much money my parents made. I never was overweight, in fact I actually was a size 16 child until just before my second semester at college. I never had the upper curves that girls want so much, but seriously it wasn't a priority to me. I was blessed with a very abundant backside though which eventually was the cause of my present insecurity. All the way through college I never was afraid to have my picture taken. It wasn't until a comment was made by an angry adult that broke me into tears and a depression that has just recently been released. Since that comment was made, I would hide behind the camera and would throw away or delete any pictures of me that I didn't like. I would cry when I would see photos of myself because all I could see what the flaws in me that were pointed out. I went into a deep depression and actually gained weight. Despite the fact that I am pretty and have a husband that daily and hourly lets me know that I'm beautiful, all I could see was what needed improvement. Through constant love and support of my husband and my family; and divine healing from God, I finally am proud of who I am and once again feel comfortable with having my picture taken. I am also losing weight (with and without too much exercise I might point out) and not really changing too much about my life. My one prayer is that all the young ladies that I encounter through life, will know how beautiful they are, inside and outside. I pray that they never feel inadequate because they aren't physically perfect like the glossy pictures in magazines, I want them to see themselves as God sees them, PERFECT. I also pray that my boys become husbands that are not obsessed with appearance as well. I pray that they look for wives that are beautiful on the inside and out. I pray that they are supportive of their wives the way my husband is and that they give their wives constant affirmation of their beauty.
(I'm so thankful for in internet cache system which allowed me to restore my blog entries again....did you realize that once you publish something on the internet and then delete it, that it doesn't actually disappear...I didn't either until I accidentally came upon a couple of my old blog entries and was able to restore them!!!)