Monday, December 29, 2008

Do You Think Jonathan Liked His Christmas Present!!

Jonathan opening his Christmas present from Ray and I!! Don't forget to shut off the music at the bottom!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making Cookies with Phyliss

One of our favorite ladies from church invited us to make cookies with her!! The boys had so much fun and got to take a HUGE plate of cookies home with them!! Needless to say in our house treats do not last to long and they were gone within a day or two. I think Ray and I each got to try one of the cookies!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Follow that Star

I am one of those people that consistently forgets things. I often lay my keys on something only to forget ten minutes later where I’ve laid them. Other times I will check several times before leaving the house to see if I’ve shut everything off and locked all the doors. I often forget meetings, conversations with my sweet hubby, or why I ran all the way to Walmart to get those absolutely necessary items. Sometimes I wonder if my brain cells are leaving with each child I give birth to!!

I’m one of those women who desperately needs to live by calendars and planner books. I love my housecleaning checklist (when I actually use it!!). It keeps me on task; and helps me not to forget any of the small tasks like washing down baseboards or dusting windowsills. I’m also a big proponent of maps, charts, graphs, and notes. I’m so set on having a map whenever I travel to a new place that I will go on one of those map websites that give you all the directions to get from point A to point B. I just love them. I can never figure out why some men just refuse to use a map. If you’ve ever driven through Chicago or Dallas during rush hour, you would know why I’m so set on knowing exactly how many miles I need to get to the next exit and what lane I need to be in and what the names of each highway I’m going on. I think it would be so cool to have one of those On Star systems on your vehicle!!

I’m so insistent about following directions that when I purchase one of those multi-piece hot wheel sets or boxed furniture, that I put them together step by step. Have you ever tried to put something like that together with out directions without missing a step and having to back up and then start all over again? Not to many of us have!! Do you ever get lost in life and wonder how to better yourself or how to deal with the frustrations and trials that you go through. I know that sometimes I just want to curl up in a blanket and stay there all day and just hide from the world and all the hurts that I’m experiencing. Do you ever wonder how to deal with situations with your neighbors or friends? Do you ever wonder how to handle that problem with that person in your church congregation? Do you ever wonder how to explain to a non-believer how the world came to be? Have you ever wondered how big the ark was or how Esther saved her people? Have you ever wanted any ideas for writing that special love note to your husband?

The Bible can answer all of these questions and much more. I have learned that I can lean on the Bible for answers to how to deal with the trials of life. The Bible comforts me and challenges me to be a better person. I challenge you as the new year begins to read your Bible more and see for yourself what a difference it can make in your life and relationships with others. When Jesus was born the shepherds and wise men followed a star in the sky to get to the newborn King. The Bible is your “Star” that will lead you in life. Follow that star and see where it takes you, see what you learn and see who you become!! Merry Christmas!! May God Bless You and Your Family!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around.....

So I think just about everyone in our church and group of friends has had the dreaded flu bug this year. I was thinking it would pass up our family, we homeschool and are not around sick people right? Well it just so happened that this week we caught on to the "getting sick" trend that has blanketed our church. My kiddos came home from staying at Grandma's over the weekend, and that night Josiah got sick (just once) in the middle of the night. So I go and clean up that mess and sanitize myself...Lysol everything that Josiah and I touched and then washed up and went back to bed. Next morning Josiah is ready to go and climb mountains, but Brandon gets very sick and is sick until the next day. Pour guy couldn't even keep down water. He gets better and I think has passed. We go to our friends the next day and bake cookies...everyone healthy and happy. Ray gets called out on a train and I clean up around the house a bit and then settle down on the couch upstairs. All of the sudden I start feeling sick and came down with probably one of the worst flu bugs I have ever had in my life. I won't go into details but I was so sick that when Jonathan (yes...he decided to get sick too in the middle of the night...started getting the urpy cough) needed me in the middle of the night, I almost passed out getting to him. I call Ray and leave a message for him to lift us up in prayer and to call me when he woke up. Ray calls this morning and I find out that he too was sick last night with the same exact flu bug that Jonathan and I had!! The worst thing is that Jonathan has one of the leads in the church play and I can't take him tonight for dress rehearsal because he's still not 100%. The director said we could run him through his positions and lines tomorrow so I'm not worried, but I just feel so bad because I honestly thought we had missed the "sick" train this time!! I'm still just weaker than can be, but I'm trying to get all the linens washed and everything sanitized down. I'm not a proponent of the flu shot either, because every time I have gotten one, I always get the flu so I just think it is one of those things in life that you just deal with. As a mom though it seems worse because you are the one generally that gets to clean up after a sick loved one and it is worse when you get sick at the same time as one of your kiddos as you do not get to comfort them the same as you do when you are in healthy nurse momma mode!! The one thing I'm certain of is that God heals and restores. I know that in a day or two when everyone is feeling better, we will look back at the humor of this situation and wait for next years visit!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happiness Is..........

Amazing Grandparents and Awesome Neighbors!!! My husband had a brilliant idea to ask my parents if they would watch the boys Friday night...instead, My mom and dad took the boys for the weekend!!! Ray and I went out on a date and got our Christmas shopping for the boys done Friday night. Saturday we just lounged around the house until he was called into work and then I went to a ladies' Christmas Party with my neighbor, something I wouldn't have been able to do had my parents not had the boys for the weekend.

It was so weird being in the house Saturday afternoon and night as the house was sooooo quiet something I'm totally not used to. I had an opportunity to watch television and just have some "me" time!! My neighbor invited me to go with her to a Christmas party!! It was so fun doing something with all females for a change!! Our neighbors are such a blessing to our family!!

I missed the boys and the hubby to though, and apparently Sophia did too as she wanted to keep pulling the novelty fur balls out of my craft tote to me to play. She wandered around the house all day meowing and when I asked her if she was looking for and missing her boys she said a very loud "MEEEEOOOOW!" I took that as a definite YES!! Little miss prissy also has issues with the cat food we bought her this week so she was also mad that I wouldn't get into the cupboard with the leftover "favorite" food and get her some!! I was going to drive to my hometown to pick up the boys after church, but woke up to snow!! Not sure of what was going to come with the afternoon weather, I ended up staying home waiting for the weather to clear so I could drive the 50 some miles to get the boys. The weather broke enough to drive so I packed up blankets and extra winter gear...hats, gloves, snow pants(I know I always over pack!! lol!!) in the back of the Escape and took off. I had to get gas and because we have a garage, I wasn't quite aware of the nice little wind chill we have here!! Holy cow, I knew it was cold from the weather report, but I thought my hands were going to turn into ice cubes not even covering Ray's heavy sweater over my hands could block the piercing cold wind from getting to my hands!! The good news is for the first time in years....I filled up a vehicle for less than $20!! Ray usually gases up all the vehicles so I wasn't aware of how much it would cost to fill it up!! That totally made my day...I even was able to get a Pumpkin Spice coffee to warm me up too!!! So off to pick up the kiddos with slowly thawing hands and coffee in hand...I headed towards my parents house only having to fight a couple of ice patches, strong winds and blowing snow on the way!! I visited with my parents for a bit, packed up the kiddos and headed back so I wouldn't have to drive at night...something I really hate!! lol!! We made it back in record time and now are just getting settled in. Once Ray gets here, I'm going to whip up some spinach dip and watch football with the guys!!! Mom and Dad if you read this....thank you again so much for taking the boys!! I really appreciate it soooo much!! The boys couldn't stop talking all the way home about how much fun they had at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!!

More Media Coverage!! Woohoo!!!

So as they come, I will just add them to this post!! ;-) This article was published in the North Platte Telegraph, Norfolk Paper, the Omaha World Herald and probably other places that I'm not aware of! ;-)

A blanket for 'Button'
Sherlyn Edwards of North Platte crochets a blanket similar to the one she designed for the upcoming movie called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Edwards, who creates custom crocheted clothing and accessories, was contacted by a Hollywood representative two years ago to make an Angora wool blanket for the movie.

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Published: Saturday, December 13, 2008 4:14 AM CST
The North Platte Telegraph

For years, Sherlyn Edwards of North Platte has been creating custom crocheted clothing and accessories that she sells all over the world through her Web-based business called "Agape Bebe."

So when she received a request to create a Victorian-style blanket out of Agora wool, she didn't think much about it at the time. What she didn't realize is that the blanket would be used in a famous Hollywood movie.

"It was such a cool thing," Edwards said. "We give credit to God for it."

She said the initial e-mail inquiry from Hope Parrish, a famous Hollywood property master, came through an old company Web site that she doesn't even promote anymore.

"Her finding me was a complete accident," Edwards said.

She later talked to Parrish by phone. That's when Edwards learned that the blanket she was being asked to design would be used in the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

The movie tells the story of Benjamin Button, a man who ages backwards. Although the movie will not be in theatres until Dec. 25, trailers of the film show an infant wrapped in the wool blanket created by Edwards.

Because the blanket is what is referred to as a hero prop, Edwards said she had to make six identical blankets in case one was damaged. The blanket is an ivory color in the movie. However, Edwards said she used a darker, oatmeal colored yarn so that filmmakers could get the color they wanted under the bright lights.

Edwards said the first blanket she made was rejected because it looked more like a rug. Edwards admits she used a fairly tight stitch on her first attempt, but she eventually found a design they liked.

"They wanted kind of a Victorian-style blanket," she said.

Edwards said she was first contacted by Parrish in August of 2006, and it took about a year for her to complete the order. She said she spent about a month on each blanket, working four to six hours a day.

The yarn used to make the blankets was Angora wool imported from Peru, South America. Edwards said she received the wool in batts that had to be rolled into balls before she could start crocheting.

"It would take 10 hours just rolling this stuff into balls," Edwards said.

After finishing the blankets, Edwards was asked to create some starter projects, or partially finished pieces that could be used by characters in the movie to look like they are crocheting.

Edwards said she is really looking forward to seeing the movie. Unfortunately, she won't be listed in the ending credits of the film, but she is still excited about seeing her finished product on the big screen.

Although it's been over a year since she finished her initial order, Edwards said she hasn't gotten any more calls from Hollywood. But when she does, she is ready to go.

"They were absolutely the most fabulous people to work with," Edwards said. "Most of my regular clients know that if I get a call from Hollywood, I'm gone for several months doing what they need me to do."

Edwards, who is a mother of three, has been crocheting ever since she was 7 years old. She learned her skills from her grandmother, and continues to crochet whenever she can.

She sells her creations through her own Web site as well as on E-Bay and other online retailers.

"I sell all over the world," Edwards said. "I have boutiques that buy my items and then they resell them."

While the exposure hasn't created a noticeable spike in sales, Edwards said she is seeing a lot more hits on her Web site. However, she acknowledged that she is not really doing this for the fame or fortune.

"For me it's more just a legacy that I can give my kids," Edwards said. "If I never ever do this again, at least I can tell my kids that Mommy got to crochet a blanket for a movie."

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was on TV Last Night!!

Yesterday I was interviewed by our Local Station!! It was so much fun and I was impressed by the professionalism of Kendra and the other staff members of KNOPTV!

See The News Story & Video Here!!
UPDATE:The video is now off the KNOPTV Website...hopefully I will eventually have a copy of it that I can upload here!! Hugs!! - Sheri

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Life of a Railroad Wife!!

I've been asked so many times how Ray and I make our marriage work since he works for the railroad. It's quite amazing how if you have a solid marriage and great communication that you can actually thrive in a railroad marriage.

When Ray first was hired on the railroad it was tough at first because we didn't get paid for a whole month, but we planned well and actually were able to completely meet all needs and more during that month. Then he started training and that was really easy because he was just in a classroom and was home EVERY night which was awesome! Well then he had to do on the job training and there are three different shifts. The day one wasn't so bad and neither was the evening one...but that graveyard shift was sooooo difficult to adjust to. When Ray worked in the yard after training, he didn't have a regular schedule, but he was home at least every day for part of the time. This gave the boys time to adjust to Daddy working different times and sometimes having to sleep when they were up during the day. Now we homeschool all three boys so that sometimes makes it even harder to keep a house quiet during the day, but we have done it and I'm amazed how we have adjusted. Well now here's the kicker.....he eventually moves to Conducting and now Engineering on train trips and is out 1-2 days from our family. He still goes to work at all times of the night and day.

What changes is when he's home, we make a special effort to spend quality family time together. Ray and I try to read the Bible and pray together whenever possible so that we can strengthen our relationship with God as well as spending personal time together. Now I know that many railroad wives do not do this, but I get up with Ray even when he's going out at 3:00 a.m. and make sure he has a lunch, coffee, and whatever he needs before he takes off. I like to also send him off with a hug, I love you and a kiss goodbye. It's something that I've done ever since he has started and something I hope to continue as long as he's employed by the railroad. To me this is especially important since we cannot really talk together for up to 12 hours after he leaves the house since he can't use a cell phone on the train.

The boys also have learned to be flexible about where we do schoolwork. In the winter we go upstairs and lounge in the living room and do school and try to stay upstairs and keep quiet so Ray can sleep. In the spring and fall, we get to do class outside and for those of you who have can imagine how much they enjoy being able to go outside to school!! One of the things that also makes our marriage work is that I continually remind the boys of the sacrifice that Ray is making for our family. I let them know over and over that he has to work all kinds of hours and be gone because he loves us so much and wants to provide for us. It's so important that you speak positively of your children's father when you are married, especially when you have a husband that works long hours like my husband does. The Bible tells how to be a good wife in Proverbs 31, a passage that I read over and over and have continually worked to strive for in our marriage. I believe that speaking highly of your husband, not only brings honor to him but to you and your children. It also helps the children to have a strong relationship with their father. The older boys get it and when Ray is home they have learned to capitalized on daddy and them time because they know that it won't be long before he's out again. Josiah on the other hand gets "daddy" homesick and doesn't quite understand why daddy has to go to work all the time. However, even as I type this, he too has learned to take advantage of Daddy time and is on a special trip to the park with Ray to feed the deer and ducks!!

Ray and I also take special "us" time whenever we can. Now it is a little difficult to sometimes have actual dates, but we make sure to spend quality time with just the two of us, even if it's playing an internet game together while sitting by each other on different computers or just talking together one on one about what is going on in our lives, etc. Ray is by far my best friend and I think that because of that we will continue to grow closer and closer together as the years go by. The one thing that also brings us together and keeps our family so well grounded is our deep relationship with God. Prayer together and when we are apart has strengthened us as a couple and as individuals!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Days Until the Movie Comes Out!!

Okay now I'm really getting excited for the movie to come out!!! Hopefully Ray will not be on a train so we can take the boys to see the movie we have been waiting TWO years to see!!! I can't wait to see the props I designed actually on the big screen!!!