Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happiness Is..........

Amazing Grandparents and Awesome Neighbors!!! My husband had a brilliant idea to ask my parents if they would watch the boys Friday night...instead, My mom and dad took the boys for the weekend!!! Ray and I went out on a date and got our Christmas shopping for the boys done Friday night. Saturday we just lounged around the house until he was called into work and then I went to a ladies' Christmas Party with my neighbor, something I wouldn't have been able to do had my parents not had the boys for the weekend.

It was so weird being in the house Saturday afternoon and night as the house was sooooo quiet something I'm totally not used to. I had an opportunity to watch television and just have some "me" time!! My neighbor invited me to go with her to a Christmas party!! It was so fun doing something with all females for a change!! Our neighbors are such a blessing to our family!!

I missed the boys and the hubby to though, and apparently Sophia did too as she wanted to keep pulling the novelty fur balls out of my craft tote to me to play. She wandered around the house all day meowing and when I asked her if she was looking for and missing her boys she said a very loud "MEEEEOOOOW!" I took that as a definite YES!! Little miss prissy also has issues with the cat food we bought her this week so she was also mad that I wouldn't get into the cupboard with the leftover "favorite" food and get her some!! I was going to drive to my hometown to pick up the boys after church, but woke up to snow!! Not sure of what was going to come with the afternoon weather, I ended up staying home waiting for the weather to clear so I could drive the 50 some miles to get the boys. The weather broke enough to drive so I packed up blankets and extra winter gear...hats, gloves, snow pants(I know I always over pack!! lol!!) in the back of the Escape and took off. I had to get gas and because we have a garage, I wasn't quite aware of the nice little wind chill we have here!! Holy cow, I knew it was cold from the weather report, but I thought my hands were going to turn into ice cubes not even covering Ray's heavy sweater over my hands could block the piercing cold wind from getting to my hands!! The good news is for the first time in years....I filled up a vehicle for less than $20!! Ray usually gases up all the vehicles so I wasn't aware of how much it would cost to fill it up!! That totally made my day...I even was able to get a Pumpkin Spice coffee to warm me up too!!! So off to pick up the kiddos with slowly thawing hands and coffee in hand...I headed towards my parents house only having to fight a couple of ice patches, strong winds and blowing snow on the way!! I visited with my parents for a bit, packed up the kiddos and headed back so I wouldn't have to drive at night...something I really hate!! lol!! We made it back in record time and now are just getting settled in. Once Ray gets here, I'm going to whip up some spinach dip and watch football with the guys!!! Mom and Dad if you read this....thank you again so much for taking the boys!! I really appreciate it soooo much!! The boys couldn't stop talking all the way home about how much fun they had at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!!

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