Friday, July 24, 2009

Stick Figuring Through the Bible with GrapeVine Studies


The boys and I just recently reviewed the New Testament Bible Study curriculum from GrapeVine Studies. We had so much fun together and because the stick drawings aren't complicated, my five year old had a blast "drawing the Bible". We did the timeline part of the curriculum together and I was suprised that he was able to remember as much information as he did. This will definitely be a part of our daily school work!!

The only thing that I would have done differently is get the actual hard copies of the books for the boys as they were impatient waiting for the printer to print out the pages. However, getting the e-book allows you to use the study over and over and with the various levels available, it is something you can use from Preschool all the way through Highschool.

The student books for this series can be purchased as a book or e-book for $19.95. The teacher books can be purchased as a book for $29.95 or e-book for $15.95. There are also smaller studies available, but I personally recommend the Old Testament or New Testament ones as they are filled with an abundance of facts and information perfect for all ages.

I especially liked all the Bible references and how the symbolism in each drawing was used to easily illusrate the various events and principles of the Bible. My 13-year old is a fact man and thought it was fun memorizing all the various facts from the study. My 8-year old is a budding artist and this study was right up his alley!!

GrapeVine Studies is offering all of my readers a 30% discount off their orders until August 30. Just use the code acrew when placing your order!!
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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine....A Guide for All Homeschoolers

About a year or so ago while I was checking out some books at the library, I came across a magazine that should be in every homeschooling home. I was trying to find some ideas on how to do unit studies and was looking for how to manage home life with homeschooling life. This magazine was an answer to my prayers and now that I'm a subscriber, I make sure to tell all my homeschooling friends that they need to have this magazine!!! Just yesterday, I went fishing with my husband. I usually sit and crochet the entire time. I had just received the new issue in the mail and thought I would "scan" through it to see what was in it and then go back to crocheting. I literally read the magazine from cover to cover. Every article had something that I could use in my homeschooling, family and spiritual life!! There was even an article on all the cleaning benefits of vinegar. The last issue addressed how do deal with being unhappy with your life and was filled with Bible verses to help you deal with the various stresses in your life. I also love to go through the advertisements and see what other resources are available to the homeschooling family. This month they have a special promotion where they are giving away 19 gifts to the first 5,000 subscribers!! Click on the image above to get all the details!!