Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Dryer!

This story was written in September of 2005. So many blessings have happened to Ray and I since then...but I wanted to put this on my blog for those of you who might be going through something frustrating in your life right now.

I have to tell you all about my dryer. It’s top of the line. It can dry three loads of laundry at once. It’s also a high efficiency model and takes very little energy to operate. If I told you that it was solar powered and works without electricity or gas too, would you believe me!! Plus this dryer refuses to work during rain, which means I do not have to do laundry on rainy days!! Sound too good to be true, well it is…it’s my clothesline.

For two summers in a row because of mechanical things beyond our control we have gone without a dryer. Last year were able to get a used dryer right before the first snow so I didn’t ever have to go to the laundry mat. This year it broke down in July and my sweet hubby bought me a brand new one in August!!

The clothesline actually works pretty well because we do not get much rain in Chadron. In fact we can go several weeks without a drop of moisture. I remember all summer before the dryer broke down complaining that it wasn’t raining. It was really nice when the dryer did break down because I could get my two loads of laundry a day goal accomplished. The funny thing is that when it rained for two days after a huge, huge dry spell, I was complaining that it was raining because I couldn’t do any laundry!!

Isn’t it funny that we often seem to never be fully content with our present situation. I try so hard to be content with my home because I know that there are people in this world that would give anything to have a roof over their head. Even though our home is a small two bedroom and we are a family of five, I try to constantly look at the things I love about this house and to be thankful to God for it. I look at the woodwork and the high ceilings and think wow, what a great house. Then I walk into the kitchen and look at the old one basin sink and old floors and
think, yikes God could you at least give me a kitchen with a double sink.

Want to know something even funnier. When we lived at our landlord’s old house, while it was up for sale, I used to complain about doing dishes. I had a dishwasher and a double sink and I still wasn’t content!! Now, I have a one basin sink, no dishwasher and have to do dishes with a soap-sponge wand and a plastic tub that I fill with soapy water. I try not to complain too much to God, because I wouldn’t want to try to deal with less!

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