Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Job Description

I have to laugh every time I am filling out a form and it asks for my job title. Of course depending on my mood I often put stay-at-home mom, or prop and clothing designer. So here's my full job description. I plan, shop for and prepare meals for my family, so that would qualify me as a personal chef. I home school my three boys, teach them God's word, and teach them how to tie shoes, cook and many things that will prepare them for adulthood so that makes me a teacher. I resolve conflicts and listen to my children's frustrations with life and each other, so that would make me a family counselor. I do laundry, dishes and clean up the messes in the house from five people, so that would make me a housekeeper. I take care of bumps, scrapes, colds, and fevers so that would make me a nurse. I sing solos in church and play on the worship team, so that would make me musician. I take care of three children twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, so that would make me a nanny. I design graphics for t-shirts and websites so that makes me a graphic designer and web master. I market and plan advertising for my personal websites and for those that I have designed for others so that makes me a marketing and advertising specialist. I do all the photography of my children and my designs as well as nature and landscapes, I even do my own children's portrais, so I'm a photographer. I also have started writing on several blogs so that makes me an author. Okay so here we go, I am a clothing and prop designer, graphic designer, photographer, author, personal chef, teacher, family counselor, housekeeper, nurse, musician, marketing and advertising specialist, and nanny....okay so try fit that on a small little line...which one would you choose...maybe have to just put domestic engineer or the form makers are just going to have to provide a bigger line for mommas like me!!!! I seriously am completely thrilled to be at home with my boys and am glad that God has provided me with a husband that supports me in all that I do in prayer and in his continual affirmation of what I do around the house and for him and the boys. Every day that he is home we get to start out the morning with reading the Bible and prayer (with a cup of needed coffee of course)! I am truly blessed. As for the bazillion craft totes with supplies I may never use, the graphic cluttered computer and the million hours on the computer...sorry babe "it's work related"!!!

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