Friday, August 8, 2008

Motherhood - The Oldest and Most Wonderful Profession

It all began with a rib from Adam. Eve was created as a companion for Adam and then like most modern couples, they began having children. Thus motherhood began, along with sibling rivalry, unsolicited I love yous and all those wonderful wet kisses and dirty hand hugs!

Moms will sacrifice a lot for their children. Think of all the wonderful moms in the Bible. Moses' mom made an ultimate sacrifice to save her child’s life, she put him in a basket and sent him down the river to be raised by a total stranger. How many young or single women in today’s world hand their children over to total strangers with the hopes of giving their child a better life than they can give them. How blessed the childless mom is when she receives that ultimate gift from the birth mother. She has a chance to experience all the things that we take for granted when we are digging out of piles of laundry or wiping messy faces and runny noses.

I remember the first time I held Brandon for the first time. Tears came to my eyes as I held that little guy with the bright red fuzzy head. He was absolutely perfect in my eyes and I wanted to give him the world. I wanted him to grow up knowing how special and loved he was. I wanted him to grow up to love the Lord and to be a good husband and father. I have felt that awesome joy with my other two sons.

While there are so many special moments with each one of them I'll share one special moment.
Brandon my oldest son amazes me with the way he memorizes things. I wish I could do that! Although knowing almost every NFL player and their statistics probably isn't something that I would really want to know! I do hope I can learn how to memorize more scripture this year though! Jonathan amazes me with his heart and the way he writes songs to God. One morning I woke up and heard him laying in his bed singing a praise song in his own words to God. Josiah amazes me with his snuggles and wisdom. This is a child totally wise beyond his years. Despite the fact he keeps me on my toes, he is the first one to spend time with me or to help me out around the house. I love my children and I know that my mom who is a great mentor and friend felt the same way about my brother and I.

God gives these children to us as special gifts for us to nurture and raise them to be loving, healthy and secure adults. I've made tons of mistakes in my journey as a mom, I probably will make tons more. A house with all boys is totally an education in itself! One my boys decided that a crib mattress was the perfect "sled" for going down the staircase! I would have never thought of that! I think all moms go through a learning process, I just had to do it a little bit different than most!! What an amazing and wonderful job it is to be a mom!!

Thanks Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a mom and step-mom to these special gifts you’ve given me!!! Thanks Lord for my mom who helped me to be the mother that I am today!! Thank you God for my husband, a husband that supports me and helps me to grown into a better woman, wife and mother. Copyright Sherlyn J. Edwards 2008

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