Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around.....

So I think just about everyone in our church and group of friends has had the dreaded flu bug this year. I was thinking it would pass up our family, we homeschool and are not around sick people right? Well it just so happened that this week we caught on to the "getting sick" trend that has blanketed our church. My kiddos came home from staying at Grandma's over the weekend, and that night Josiah got sick (just once) in the middle of the night. So I go and clean up that mess and sanitize myself...Lysol everything that Josiah and I touched and then washed up and went back to bed. Next morning Josiah is ready to go and climb mountains, but Brandon gets very sick and is sick until the next day. Pour guy couldn't even keep down water. He gets better and I think has passed. We go to our friends the next day and bake cookies...everyone healthy and happy. Ray gets called out on a train and I clean up around the house a bit and then settle down on the couch upstairs. All of the sudden I start feeling sick and came down with probably one of the worst flu bugs I have ever had in my life. I won't go into details but I was so sick that when Jonathan (yes...he decided to get sick too in the middle of the night...started getting the urpy cough) needed me in the middle of the night, I almost passed out getting to him. I call Ray and leave a message for him to lift us up in prayer and to call me when he woke up. Ray calls this morning and I find out that he too was sick last night with the same exact flu bug that Jonathan and I had!! The worst thing is that Jonathan has one of the leads in the church play and I can't take him tonight for dress rehearsal because he's still not 100%. The director said we could run him through his positions and lines tomorrow so I'm not worried, but I just feel so bad because I honestly thought we had missed the "sick" train this time!! I'm still just weaker than can be, but I'm trying to get all the linens washed and everything sanitized down. I'm not a proponent of the flu shot either, because every time I have gotten one, I always get the flu so I just think it is one of those things in life that you just deal with. As a mom though it seems worse because you are the one generally that gets to clean up after a sick loved one and it is worse when you get sick at the same time as one of your kiddos as you do not get to comfort them the same as you do when you are in healthy nurse momma mode!! The one thing I'm certain of is that God heals and restores. I know that in a day or two when everyone is feeling better, we will look back at the humor of this situation and wait for next years visit!!

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