Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project Emily

I've been asked by so many of my clients and friends where the new designs are. For those of you who know about her, I'm designing for Emily!! Several years ago I started crochet baby booties with thread. I received an e-mail asking me if I could make them bigger. I was already making the car and tractor booties in several different sizes so I told her I would give it a go. These booties were for her little girl that was in a wheelchair and wore braces on her hands and feet. Rachel later asked me if I would try to make hand covers. She described what she wanted along with sending all kinds of drawings, measurements, etc. and I finally after several days figured it out how to make them in the size that we needed. Well this precious little girl has grown up quite a bit and I'm making her several pairs of these sets to go with her new wardrobe. While this is a very huge task that I've taken on (it takes me about 20 hours per set), it by far is the most honorable job I've ever been hired to do. This mom loves this girl so much and spends hours making special clothing for her. This is the most loved little girl that I've ever seen.

I asked her mom Rachel to share her story with us:" Emily's birth mother became pregnant with her after an affair. When she was 39 weeks along a car hit her and Emily took most of the damage to her head. Then she refused medical care and walked home. Emily was not getting oxygen to the brain (off and on) for three full days. When the birth mother did go to the hospital (three days later) they did a C-section. Emily took one breath of air and passed away. It only took the doctors 3 minutes to get her back, but soon after she began to have seizures. They did a MRI and found that Emily had 19 brain bleeds and that 75% of her brain was dead. The birth mother never saw her and did not name her so the state named her. Emily was a voluntary give up, so when she was released from the hospital 7 weeks later she went into foster care. Her foster mom called me and asked me to come out and see this beautiful baby girl. The moment I saw her I just loved her so much. I had to learn how to use the machines and all of the medical equipment, but now it is second nature.""When Emily was 1 year of age we had a complete MRI of the brain and learned that the damage from the care and the horrible seizures had completely destroyed all of her lager brain matter. They told me that she would not make it to a year of age, but she is now almost 6 years old. I do see her body having sings of stress, but she is still holding on. I explain to people that she is just like a newborn baby in all ways but size. Our family was blessed to receive Emily into our home about the time she was 3 months old. The adoption was finally when she was 2 years old, she is now Emily Marie Schubert (My Angel)." I am so thankful to Rachel for allowing me to do this very special thing for her little girl.

Thank you to all of my clients and friends for being patient with me. I promise as soon as I'm done I will be back to designing again!! You would not believe the drawings I've made and want to finally get made! Here are some more photos of Emily! God Bless You Baby Girl!!

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