Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Was Dunked for Jesus Today!!

For most of you that know me, I have been contemplating doing this for some time. I was baptized as a baby in Lutheran Church and then later as an adult at a Lutheran Church on UNK's Campus. I felt that because I had already been baptized before that I didn't need to experience this kind of baptism. My husband kept encouraging me to get immersion baptized and I began to have a desire to experience what many had told me was the most amazing experience ever! I was filled with the Holy Spirit right after we started dating and we had attended several churches, but none really felt like family. The church that we are attending now embraced us immediately and we both are very active in the church. I finally felt that it was time to publicly let everyone know how serious I was about my walk with the Lord!! So I DID IT!! Everything had to fall into place and because I am on worship team they scheduled it for the first thing during service! Immediately after I was baptized, I had to run downstairs, dry off, change, get my microphone on. I then was able to play the wet, no makeup, but totally on fire for Jesus!! For those of you who know me, I do not like to go to church without makeup!! ....I did manage to get some makeup on in the car before we went out to eat though!! lol ;-) I'm thankful for the great life I have had and for my family. I'm especially thankful to my husband Ray who encouraged me with love and prayer to have the courage to get baptized like Jesus did!! I'm praying that God will renew me and restore me back to the fire that I had when I first was baptized with the Holy Spirit!! I am so loving all that he is doing in me with in my life!! I am doing things with my musical talents that I never thought possible. I also am enjoying teaching my boys about God's love and being able to watch them get excited about stories in the Bible and memorizing God's word!! :-) God totally rocks man!!

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