Thursday, November 6, 2008


Our second ceremony was on August 19th, 2000. Since we were already married, this was more of a celebration for our friends and family. I was kind of bummed that day because it poured rain. The actual wedding was supposed to be outside in this park with greek columns and a lake. It would have been absolutely awesome, but with the help of some really dear friends from work and my family, we were able to turn the reception hall into a mock wedding site!! I'm still thankful to my mom and grandma for all the work they did on the decorations!! I think they must have spent hours doing them!! I have a bazillion pictures of this wedding which most of you have already seen!! And yes....Jonathan was there too, as happens with mostly newlyweds, we were pregnant before the second ceremony! I'm so glad I didn't take the dress in to get it altered! lol!!

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