Monday, May 24, 2010

The Cleaning War!! Will It Ever End??

This is the story of Private I Do Not Like to Work, Private I Demolish It, and Private They Did It Mom. If you know my boys and can put the name with the know our household very well.

Sergeant Homeschool Princess left the house on a Girl Time Mission and left the three privates and General What Is Going On at home for the day. General What Is Going On got an important phone call from President I Got the Answer. They had important business to discuss and the two young privates were actively engaged in a televised Spongebob Training Mission. Private They Did It Mom was working hard on his Achievement Medal by working on a electronic virtual training mission.

Private I Demolish It was looking for a specific toy weapon in the Edwards armory (i.e. playroom). Said weapon was at the bottom of the box, so over it went piling the toys on the floor. Private I Do Not Like to Work was in the middle of his latest and greatest creations and had K-Nex from one end of the living room to the next. Private I Demolish It got bored with his first toy and wanted to build a great fort with his blocks. He created a masterpiece that any proud momma would want to display to the world, unfortunately this great masterpiece was karate kicked by a soldier guy and pummeled to the ground. The rubble remained as Private I Demolish It looked for his next project.

Private I Demolish It and Private I Do Not Like to Work decided that they wanted a snack. They ran down to the Edwards Camp Mess Hall and found microwave popcorn rations. One ration was not enough so they prepared two bags and ran up to the living room. Unfortunately for the boys the popcorn bags had grenades in them as they exploded all over the living room floor. Not an inch was spared in the Edwards Living Room as popcorn pieces and seeds were found everywhere.

Sergeant Homeschool Princess arrived at the war zone and engaged Operation Cleanup. Unfortunately for the Sergeant, the three privates had formed the Non-Cleaning Coalition and were not going to clean up the war zone at any cost.

The first battle was lost as Sergeant Homeschool Princess nicely asked (well actually yelled at) the three privates to clean up the mess. Private They Did it Mom insisted that it was not his mess as he was actively working on his electronic mission to conquer the Electronic Enemy Forces and he did not see them make the mess. He was sent downstairs to work on his Written Mission Work (homework). Private I Do Not Like to Work suddenly had to go to the bathroom, was hungry, and was thirsty. Private I Demolish It told Sergeant Homeschool Princess that he would work, but when she left the room he found a box of toy bugs and snakes and hurled them unto the floor.

Sergeant Homeschool Princess asked for a special meeting with General What Is Going On. She explained the details of the situation and showed him ground zero. General What Is Going on ordered that the privates lose computer and electronic game station privileges until the living room and armory (toy room) were back in order. TV privileges were not revoked yet as the Non-Cleaning Coalition had made a treaty with the Sergeant and General that they would clean as they watched TV. The young privates broke the treaty and were told that new sanctions would begin in the morning.

The privates were then told the next morning that their television privileges were now revoked. This didn't phase the young privates as it was nice outside so they made a covert operation and snuck outside to play. General What Is Going On caught the young privates and ordered them back to ground zero to clean. Sergeant Homeschool Princess then supervised every move of the young privates refusing to back down Parental Forces and eventually the Non-Cleaning Coalition surrendered to Parental Forces and ground zero was cleaned. However in a retaliatory mission the Non-Cleaning Coalition rejoined forces and again attacked the Edwards Household again!!!

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