Saturday, January 10, 2009

I've Been Invaded!!!! My Crazy 24 Hours!!!

Because Brandon's birthday was during the week, we held his actual party this weekend. So as custom goes, he got to have two overnight guests and the party the next day, which increased the male population in my house making the male to female ratio now 6 to 1!! As the volume increased in our home my even more decibels than the usual boy clamour, my husband jokingly teased me about the baby lust I sometimes falter into. I reassured him that I was quite satisfied with my three boys!!! In our house last night Nerf gun wars were initiated and PlayStation tournaments were held. I think our staircase sounded like a summer thunderstorm for hours as boys ran up and down the stairs and into the solarium. I could hear the pop, pop, pop of the cap guns and the springy cling of the Nerf guns. Sophia curled up in her cat bed and looked at me like "Seriously mom, did you need to invite more boys here!!"

Like any good birthday hostess, we had a fun dinner planned. The boys designed their own individual pizzas, while Ray and I dined on my beloved pot roast. Despite the fact the pot roast aroma filled the entire house, tantalizing the taste buds of the adults, our boys and our guests still wanted the pizzas(children just do not know and appreciate quality dining). Once the little gentlemen were fed, then came the after dark hide and go seek (we called it ditch-em when I was a kid) which also seemed to burn off the sugar high. I was told it was too cold after a couple of games so they decided that another PlayStation tournament was going to begin soon! They then got Ray to come up and play teams on NCAA Football! Ray loves playing with Brandon, but the opportunity to play with more guys made it even more enticing!! One game later, and Josiah retiring to bed, Ray and I decided to go to bed as well. I'm not sure how long the little troopers were up, but I was so tired by the end of the night that I was hoping they would stay up late and sleep in late!!

Morning arrived and our little one came in and gave us his customary good morning and snuggle. Along with the I'm hungry, what's for breakfast and the sun is out mommy get up!! So up I go, reluctantly and get coffee going. By then I hear the roar of boys upstairs and now that it's time for breakfast. Simple breakfast for these guys though as they were in full tilt PlayStation mode and wanted to dine on cereal and fruit. This kept them entertained until lunch. After lunch, my parents were coming so I got the cake made and ready. We were then invaded by not one, but five other neighborhood kiddos that happened to stop by to play with the boys. So now we had 10 boys and 3 girls in the house!! I was kind of glad that there was a slight increase in the female population!! It was fun as we had a whole room full of kiddos for Brandon's cake!! Brandon was ecstatic as he was surrounded by family and friends and ended up having a wonderful time.

The house is down to normal male population and the volume has substantially decreased. My hubby has just left for work for yet another train trip, so I'm a little lonely, so I'm at the computer blogging away waiting for the kiddos to wear down so I can take over the television!! Sometimes I really enjoy the me time, but it's nights like this when I miss him the most.

Tomorrow night this lone female is going rogue on the boys and the TV is mine!!! The Golden Globes are on and I'm hoping The Curious Case of Benjamin Button garners a few rewards!!! That would make this blanket making experience even more amazing!! ;-)

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