Monday, January 19, 2009

Football, Friends & Prayer!!

I had a wonderful day yesterday. It started out with church and worship where we did one of my favorite songs "You Raise Me Up". I absolutely love that song and being able to play the flute on that song makes it even better! I then had my Sunday school middle school class. They always seem to give me a new perspective on God and the world around us. We then were invited to a friends to watch football but thanks to the wonders of the cable company the game was halted for a bit. Ray asked me to go to our house and check if we had cable and we did so, we invited everyone to our house, so I quickly did a quick clean up of our weekend mess and within a few minutes Ray and his friends were watching football upstairs. After football they engaged in guy conversation and we all ended the evening in group prayer!! God is so amazing and Ray and I are so thankful for our Worship Team and friends. What an amazing end to a great weekend.

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