Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Worship Guitar Class for Kids

If you are wanting to teach your children guitar, but are having a hard time teaching at their level or getting them interested. Worship Guitar Class for Kids is absolutely perfect for you. Jean Welles takes your child step by step through the process of learning to play the guitar with her amazing DVD series. Our children were absolutely thrilled with this series. I have been wanting to learn guitar myself and so this was a great way to for my children and I to learn to play together at the same time.

We reviewed the online streaming class as well as well as the e-book with all the music and lessons to review. I highly recommend it for any musical family like ours!! The only mistake that we made is trying to teach with the adult sized guitar. We will be getting a smaller guitar so that our youngest can learn and finger the chords better.

The Worship Guitar Class for Kids is $29.97. There are also packages available to purchase child-sized guitars and other materials that will help with your child's music eduction.


This product was provided to my family as part of my membership in The Old Schoolhouse Crew review team. The opinions expressed in this review are mine after our family has had a chance to review this product together.

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