Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ray's Arithmetic Review for Dollar Homeschool

Our family received the Ray's Arithmetic lessons from the Dollar Homeschool website to review. Ray's Arithmetic provides lessons for mathematics from beginning counting all the way to calculus. This series includes a total of 28 books. Which includes 12 core math textbooks complete with answer keys, teacher's editions, and even math books that have specialized interests such as astronomy or bookkeeping.

This is the perfect purchase for that family that wants to give their children a quality math eduction but who is on a limited budget. I particularly like the fact that I received the e-book version of this series so that I can easily store and print pages for my children right at my computer. While my boys are partial to their bright textbooks, I like the fact that these are in black and white which saves my color ink cartridge for other things besides workbook pages.

You can get this entire series for only $59.00!! I can't think of any textbook type series where you can get this much core math material for all grades. In fact for many of the series that we have used the textbook and teacher's edition for each grade are much more than the price of this amazing CD.

While my boys are very satisfied with the series that we are using, these workbooks provide excellent supplementary activities for my family as well as the higher math books that will be able to be used to challenge their math skills as they get older.

I encourage you to visit the entire Dollar Homeschool website to see the other amazing items they have available. As I mentioned earlier, if you are trying to pinch pennies but want to give your children a quality eduction, this website is perfect for your family.


This product was provided to my family as part of my membership in The Old Schoolhouse Crew review team. The opinions expressed in this review are mine after our family has had a chance to review this product together.

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zimbousa said...

I liked this set of books too and am using it weekly for reviews and starting new subjects.
Julie K - fellow crew member