Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pineapple, Cookies and Grandparents!

Today Jonathan was digging in the food cupboard and pulled out a can of pineapple. He was talking about how this was one of his favorite foods. He said "I know how I got to like pineapple. Grandma Edwards used to give it to me every time we went to see her. I used to call her Pineapple Grandma." Brandon chimed in and said "Yep and you used to call Grandpa Edwards "Cookie Papa" because he gave you cookies when we saw him in Florida." My father in law has since passed away and is waiting for us in heaven. When he was alive however, he would make sure that he gave the boys his full love and attention when we saw him. Jonathan was only 18 months when we went to Florida to see my father-in-law and because he was so shy Grandpa bribed him with cookies to get him to come and sit in his lap. It was the perfect bond between them and for years after Ray Sr. passed away, my little boy would look up at me with his beautiful blue eyes and say "I miss cookie papa so much." I guess the way to Jonathan's heart is his stomach and Grandma Edwards followed suit and would give him pineapple chunks as a treat. That little boy I think would eat an entire can by himself when we were there. Like the cookies, it was something he identified with her and made her special in his heart. When they talk about my brother they identify the fact that he is the army and served our country. My children get to see my parents more often so it's hard to pinpoint that one memory that they identify them with. My mom is always doing some kind of project with the boys whether it's painting or baking. She also loves to read with the boys, something they enjoy very much. My dad is known for taking them out in the yard and letting them ride on the riding lawn mower with him, he also has an antique John Deere tractor that he often lights up at Christmas time, something they always love. My kids and I love to talk about all the good things that have happened in our lives, especially those family members that we do not get to see as often. I think it's so important with children to focus on the happy things of the past, especially when you have a situation like ours when the present isn't exactly cheery with some family relationships. I want my kiddos to remember the good times that they have had with these family members so that if they never see them again, that they will cherish THOSE memories. I have always tried to see the good in people no matter what they have done or said to me. I think it's just maybe a gift that God gave me to not dwell on bitterness and unforgiveness. God forgives us too for all the sins that we do against him. God sees us as the "apple of his eye", I think it's so cool that when God thinks of me, he thinks of the happy things that I have done and not the silly mistakes that I have made throughout my life. The other day my husband called me when he was on the train. He had been praying because there was a real possibility of being laid off from work that would put our family in a tremendous financial crisis. As the economy continues to decline they cut more and more positions from the railroad. It's something that we have been praying about daily. Ray told me in this phone conversation, that God had woke him up in the middle of the night and spoke to him in a small still voice and told him that he would rather cast the stars away which he knows by name then to ever let our dear family fall from his hands. In these trying economic times it's so important that we fix our eyes on our father who reminds us that we are the apple of his eye and he will not forget us.

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