Friday, February 13, 2009

A Miracle From God That Still Amazes Me!!

Two years ago we had the most amazing thing happen at our house. The boys went outside to play and all of the sudden Jonathan came running in and told me that there was a baby cardinal in the yard to come see it. I went outside and saw this red bird on the lawn. I laughed and told him that it was the plastic bird from the solarium silly boy. He insisted that it was a "real" bird to come see. Sure enough just as I got near to him he moved a bit. I think he must have just been stunned or cold or something because he didn't look seriously injured or anything. The boys sat by him for a very long time and just oohed and awed over him. He barely moved. Jonathan told me that before I came out that Josiah actually had held him for a second. This bird was so beautiful and so peaceful, it was absolutely amazing. He finally must have warmed up sitting between the two boys as he eventually hopped away, flew to the mulberry tree and then after sitting there for awhile flew away. It was if God sent a special little angel to visit us for awhile. God is so amazing!! His creation is so amazing!! This is a memory that the boys and I will cherish forever!!

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