Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wordtoons!! You will never see Words the same again!

Our family was asked by the Wordtoons creators to review their new book. The author takes ordinary words like the word dog and turns it into art. This was a perfect item for our family to review as my two youngest sons love to draw.

The boys had so much fun with this book and even started doing their own wordtoon characters!! They would draw the wordtoon and then add backgrounds and other items to their drawings. The directions are so completely easy to follow that even my five-year old was making wordtoons right away!

The e-book is $17.00 and can be purchased on the
Webtoons Website

Our family was contacted by the publisher to review this product. The opinions expressed in this review are mine after our family has reviewed this item.


Mom said...

You are going to have to let me borrow this book!!!! It is a lot like using the word boy to draw a boy. My students would love it!

The Home School Princess said...

Hee hee will have to fight your grandsons for it!!