Monday, June 22, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse Planner - I'm in Love!!

I just had the opportunity to review one of the most amazing planning tools available for the homeschooling family. This e-book is absolutely phenomenal!! It comes in PDF format and if you have the most recent upgrade from Adobe you can actually type in the forms and print them out for each of your children. There are monthly featured themes with recipes and articles. There are links to resources for each monthly topic for additional worksheets and information to enhance your unit studies. There are charts that help you with measurement conversion, the fifty states, the presidents and even the branches of government.

My favorite forms would have to be:

  • Shopping Lists
  • Chore Charts
  • Yearly Goal Sheet
  • Curriculum Planning Form (perfect for the eclectic homeschooler)
  • High School Transcript
  • Report Card Forms
  • Bible Memorization Record
  • Assignment and Due Date Sheet
  • Attendance Chart
  • Housekeeping Weekly Schedule
  • Grocery Lists
  • Monthly Menu Planner
  • Vacation Planner
  • Party Planner
  • Chore Charts (several different types to fit ANY family)

There are just so many amazing and practical forms in this that any home, homeschool or not would greatly benefit from them. I would also recommend this planner for the public school teacher as there are several form that would help in preparing lesson plans, quick reference and also in organizing work and home life. I actually have never seen anything like this and for me it was like a child in a candy store. I used to search all over the Internet and spent hours obtaining all the forms and information that I needed and now it is all in ONE 375 page e-book!!! I know once I spent an hour just trying to find a printable multiplication chart, which also happens to be in this book. I also couldn't find a kitchen conversion chart and had to go online to find one and once again this chart is easily accessible in this book!!

The planner is only $39.00 and will provide every homeschooling family with the opportunity for total home organization. I recommend every family has one of these as you will not be disappointed!!

Get Your Planner Today!!


SevenSmiths said...

I know what you mean about getting a form from here and a form from there, writing up your own, making grocery lists and daily "to-do" lists on the backs of junk mail envelopes. This Planner makes getting organized so neat, so easy, so attainable!

TOSHeidi said...

I used to make up all my own forms, which is why this planner project was right up my alley. Without the help of our readers, though, I never would have thought of some of these! Nice review.