Friday, May 1, 2009

Host a Writer's Workshop!

Writing is one of the most important things in a child's education. Writing is something that a child will use throughout his or her lifetime. Sometimes you have a child that just doesn't take any interest in writing at all. They may stare at their notebook for hours in frustration just trying to write a simple paragraph. I had one of those and after trying several different techniques, I now have a productive writer.

The best way to cure a reluctant writer is to make writing fun an exciting. Find out what your child is interested in and assign creative writing prompts that focus on your child's favorite things. If he's into Space, give him writing prompts such as "Jonathan the astronaut had a special mission...what plant did he visit, what was it like, and who went with him."

My most reluctant writer is into football and is such a fact based child, that he couldn't come up with creative ideas for a writing project. I then came up with the idea of him creating a football team. I had him take notes on who was going to be on his team, what the uniforms looked like, what the mascot of the team was, etc. After he finished jotting down all the "facts", I told him to now write about the team using all the facts and I ended up getting a four page paper on his football team.

Another great way to get your children excited about writing is to host or attend a writing workshop. Through this workshop you and other homeschooling families get together once a week or on a special weekend to celebrate writing in a fun and exciting way. Children get to share their writing as well as listen to their peers. Parents have a chance to share and exchange ideas with one another.

I just found the most amazing e-book to help you get started in setting up a Writing Workshop for the homeschooling families in your community. The Old Schoolhouse Writer's Workshop - Getting Children Excited About Writing e-book has all the resources and ideas to get you started. Author Maggie Hogan tells you all the steps you need to take to set up workshop and gives you ideas on how to make the workshop fun for all involved. This e-book has me wanting to get a workshop set up for my homeschooling group next year!!

WeE-Books has all kinds of e-books for homeschooling families to download for the low price of $1.95. Please click on the graphic below to visit the website or click on the graphic at the top of this review to get started on planning your community's Writing Workshop.

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