Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Amazing Spelling Program

I had the extraordinary privilege to try out another spelling program this week. It is called SpellQuizzer. SpellQuizzer is a product of TedCo Software which was founded by Daniel Hite. This program will work with ANY curriculum that you are currently using and is so user friendly that even your children can input their own spelling lists. It's like a paperless flashcard system that your child can do over and over until they master their spelling lists. By using a simple microphone which can be purchased at Walmart or Radioshack, you can dictate the words and sentences right into the computer so that your child can hear them. If you do not have a microphone you can still use this program by putting in "hint" messages to help your child recognize the word. I really found this feature to have multiple purposes. Not only is this an excellent spelling program, you can use it to enhance your child's vocabulary!! Just simply put the meaning of the word in and have your child type the word!! It's that simple!! You could also drill math facts and one word or small phrase answers to almost EVERY class!! Below is the main screen to the program. Simple and to the point without having to have an instruction manual to operate the program.

Next is the main Quiz Screen. This is void of distracting graphics and allows the child to focus completely on the task at hand. There are also fun sound when the child masters or misses the word.
SpellQuizzer is a spelling program for helping children learn their spelling words. SpellQuizzer is spelling software that helps students practice their vocabulary. As I mentioned the program can also be used for drilling facts such as one word answers to your child's history tests, multiplication facts, and much, much more!! Plus did I mention that you get a free trial to the program!! What could be better than that!

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